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MOD application hehe

It's All About You Baby.
-Name- MaryAnne Phalen
-Age- 17
-Location- Canada
-Sex- Female
-Sexuality- Straight
-Where do you work?- SUBWAY!
-Rate yourself from 1-10- 9
-The best thing that ever happend to you- my boyfriend
-Any peircings/tatoos?(put a pic if you have it)- Septum

-Bands- Thursday, Coheed and Cambria, Franz Ferdinand, The Used to name a few
-Color- purple and teal, depends on my mood
-Hairstyle- on me---> dark, short and spikey. in general--->long and wavy, dark
-Person/Celeb- gwen stefani is georgeous, but i think Celine Dion is amazing, i know i'm a geek but i dont care.
-Word- Bounce
-Song- Twisted-Keath Sweat

Least Favorite
-Bands(Don't put GoodCharlotte or SimplePlan...We know they suck)- Len, Arron Carter, and Nick Carter, I dont know the names of most crappy bands
-Color- Mahogony
-Hairstyle- layered
-Person/Celeb- Beyonce
-Word- fork (if you say it too many times in a row)
-Song- anything by Nick Carter

Random Questions
-Who is your hero and why?- Jesus He's the greatest person that ever lived
-Something you would change about you- my yellow teeth
-Things you like in a guy/girl- i like physically strong guys with soft skin and a deep voice, and i like when he thinks i'm funny. in girls i like a tight body and soft lips, soft hair, smell good, all that sensual stuff.
-Object you can't live without- Shampoo/conditioner
-Last band you saw live- .chara.

Would You Rather..
-..Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing- x-ray vision
-..End hunger or hatred- hunger
-..Publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarassing moment- make a movie!
-..Give up movies or music- movies
-..Get even or get over it- get over it
-..Know it all or have it all- have it all
-..Have sand in your shorts or water in your ear- sand in shorts.. hehe
-..Get free chocolate for a year or free potatoes for ever- free potatoes

PICTURES (under an lj-cut!)
-Post some pictures that YOU think are good--

-Show us your funniest picture-

-Show us your favorite picture and tell us why-

I don't know if it  was supposed to be a favorite of myself but here's my favorite gal darlene. shes so friggin beautiful. plus this is a crazy picture.

and last but not least
-Why should we let you in the community?-

well i am awesome in almost everyway and i don't mean that in a conceited sort of way, its just true. and i think that awesome people will apply and i want to meet them.

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