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It's All About You Baby.
-Name- Deanna. But everyone calls me Bill.
-Age- sixteen
-Location- Charlottetown PEI.
-Sex- Female.
-Sexuality- whatever you want me to be ;)
-Where do you work?- Im currantly unemployed. Im looking I swear.
-Rate yourself from 1-10- 8.
-The best thing that ever happend to you- Meeting my awesome friends.
-Any peircings/tatoos?(put a pic if you have it)- i have my tounge pierced. No picture though

-Bands- Taking Back Sunday, Cauterize, Matchbook Romance, Third Eye Blind.
-Color- Black
-Hairstyle- Not mine.
-Person/Celeb- Jonny Depp.
-Word- dammit.
-Song- "One Eighty By Summer" - Taking Back Sunday

Least Favorite
-Bands(Don't put GoodCharlotte or SimplePlan...We know they suck) Um. I dont really know actually.
-Color- Yellow.
-Hairstyle- Mine.
-Person/Celeb- Donald Trump. George Bush
-Word- Pound
-Song- "Im Afraid Of Britney Spears"

Random Questions
-Who is your hero and why?- umm. I dont have a hero. I would say my dad. but yah. right. mom I guess
-Something you would change about you- everything.
-Things you like in a guy/girl- Eyes, Smile, personality
-Object you can't live without- Camera.
-Last band you saw live- Saraphim Slaughter.

Would You Rather..
-..Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing- Xray Vision. Its better then undressing with your eyes.
-..End hunger or hatred- well. If people arnt hungry, they are still going to hate. So I pick ending hatred.
-..Publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarassing moment- movie of embarassing moment.
-..Give up movies or music- movies.
-..Get even or get over it- Get over it. Im not five.
-..Know it all or have it all- know it all. because then with my knowledge I could end up having it all.
-..Have sand in your shorts or water in your ear- sand in my shorts.
-..Get free chocolate for a year or free potatoes for ever- free potatoes. Mashed please.

PICTURES (under an lj-cut!)
-Post some pictures that YOU think are good--

and my new hair.
im so gross.
-Show us your funniest picture-

im pretty sure the reason why this picture is funny, is self explanitory.
-Show us your favorite picture and tell us why-

I like this one because of the colours. mmm. its the inside of my car.
and this one.

because the snow is so high. and it looks cool.

thats it.
im ugly. ... but smashing at the same time.
and last but not least
-Why should we let you in the community?-
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