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i don't think you can handle
It's All About You Baby.

-Name- Melissa aka Missa
-Age- scheventeen
-Location- east coast hottie, pei
-Sex- femme
-Sexuality- straight
-Where do you work?- currently unemployed (ex-suzy shier)
-Rate yourself from 1-10- 8.7
-The best thing that ever happend to you- my short hair
-Any peircings/tatoos?(put a pic if you have it)- just my ears and they aren't interesting, buti have a picture of a fake lip ring:

-Bands- metric, sufjan stevens, the postal service, death cab for cutie
-Color- brown, blue, green
-Hairstyle- funky and chunky and colorful
-Person/Celeb- maggie gylenhaal
-Word- dang, gosh, panties, booger
-Song- ever ever? mm i'd say "california dreaming" mamas and papas

Least Favorite
-Bands- korn, ocp, hoobastank
-Color- purple
-Hairstyle- friggen ashley/marykate ho-lsen style
-Person/Celeb- mka ho-lsen
-Word- c**t, and any other bad genital references
-Song- i'm tired of waiting - the trews

Random Questions
-Who is your hero and why?- napolean dynmite because he makes being a dork look good. and gwen because she's dashing and has a great sense of style
-Something you would change about you- my over reactive tendencies and my obsession with chocolate
-Things you like in a guy/girl- inside jokes, heart to hearts, stories,
-Object you can't live without- notebooks with pens for ideas/poems/sketches.
-Last band you saw live- eyes for telescopes

Would You Rather..
-..Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing- x-ray vision because i'm used to muting the tv [;) hahaha]
-..End hunger or hatred- hunger, because people are more cranky when they are hungry and you can bribe people with food. it's win-win
-..Publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarassing moment- publish my diary so all of my crushes would see how evil they are and for people to realize that everyone has horrible days.
-..Give up movies or music- movies, music is too good to give away, it would be like killing my own child
-..Get even or get over it- depends, it's funner to get even
-..Know it all or have it all- know it all, because having it all would mean to much garbage and space
-..Have sand in your shorts or water in your ear- sand in my shorts because you can't wash away water with water
-..Get free chocolate for a year or free potatoes for ever-

-Post some pictures that YOU think are good--
hello nurse

oooh flashy

a flock of silly, it's gwen

short hurrr circa jan 04

i like my scarf

-Show us your funniest pictures-

because i'm dramatic and like to act up in public, and i thought it would be funny to lie on the tracks and get my mom to take a picture
-Show us your favorite picture and tell us why-

i took this picture in toronto with a disposable camera and i like the angle and the graffitti

and last but not least
-Why should we let you in the community?- hello, i've got a ghetto booty. i'm one of the craziest mofo's you'll ever meet and i can make fun of anything.
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