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We don't want the sterotypes. Show us the true you.
This is a community for anyone who is effing awesome. We want people who are unique and beautiful.If you have the style, the class and the bravery,Apply.

1. LJ CUT!
2. No naked or obscene pictures.
3. Subject line must say "App"
4. Picture must be clear. Including clear shot of your face. Please spice it up.(we don't want 500 pictures that look the same.)
5. Racism or prejudice of any kind will not be tolorated.(immadiate banning from community.)
6. We only like cool people, so don't bother applying if you suck.</green>

Accepted Members!
-You may post about anything in your pretty little head.
If you
-are seeking advice
-Want to share some photos
-have exciting news
-made some sweet icons
-went to a amazing show
-want to say anything we will not slience you
Feel free to share.
All that we ask is that you keep the posts interesting. Try to include pictures.(the mods love pictures)

It's All About You Baby.
-Where do you work?-
-Rate yourself from 1-10-
-The best thing that ever happend to you-
-Any peircings/tatoos?(put a pic if you have it)-


Least Favorite
-Bands(Don't put GoodCharlotte or SimplePlan...We know they suck)

Random Questions
-Who is your hero and why?-
-Something you would change about you-
-Things you like in a guy/girl-
-Object you can't live without-
-Last band you saw live-

Would You Rather..
-..Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing-
-..End hunger or hatred-
-..Publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarassing moment-
-..Give up movies or music-
-..Get even or get over it-
-..Know it all or have it all-
-..Have sand in your shorts or water in your ear-
-..Get free chocolate for a year or free potatoes for ever-

PICTURES (under an lj-cut!)
-Post some pictures that YOU think are good--
-Show us your funniest picture-
-Show us your favorite picture and tell us why-

and last but not least
-Why should we let you in the community?-</center></b>

- The mods love pictures..hinthint.
- The more creative you are the better.
- Add the word smashing in your post anywhere uniquely and score some points.
- Don't hold back.
- Design a promo for so_smashing *major points*
- Design a so_smashing icon *poop load of points*
- suck up.


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